KPA Automation softPLC 1.1 released

A new version of KPA Automation softPLC 1.1.19003.0 is released

KPA Automation softPLC 1.1.19003.0 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • A new sample SolarPlant is added to demonstrate how to work with OPC UA Server configuration
  • Shared Memory samples are added in C language to demonstrate how to use shared memory functionality on different OSes (Windows, Linux, INtime)
  • To have a set of stored retains to provide security, added a special UDFB which allows to store retains in the list of files cyclically
  • Added the possibility to configure OPC UA Server to update variables cyclically or on demand. The Cyclic update check box was added to OPC UA variable properties
  • From now on, it is possible to get maximum time which is consumed by the write retain variables operation. For this purpose, a new function block F_SAVERETAINTIME was added
  • Added the possibility to change cycle time in online mode when the project with EtherCAT configuration
  • Provided the possibility to set a default directory for user projects during installation of KPA Automation softPLC Studio
  • CAM tables editor: now, it is possible to create a CAM table directly from KPA Automation softPLC Studio and then use it within Motion FBs
  • Added UDFB to check and stop PLC if cycle time exceeds defined limits
  • Improvement of synchronization with EtherCAT: PLC controls the cycle and KPA EtherCAT Master works in Sync mode 2
  • Log file improvement:
    • A new log file is created when the current one reaches a maximum log file size
    • Added a footer to log files with info about some cycle timings and memory statistics
    • Added a header to log files with generic info about versions of components and hardware
  • From now on, KPA Automation softPLC for Windows runs as a service with administrator rights. A tray application controls the start/stop procedures
  • Tracing operations moved to a separate thread to reduce the main cycle overhead
  • Now, it is possible to run KPA Automation softPLC for Linux as a daemon
  • Added Python certificate generator to KPA Automation softPLC installer
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • Variable’s data type was not applied automatically if the variable was dragged to OPC UA Server configuration
    • No info on the stat command line argument in KPA Automation softPLC Help (called by /? or –help)

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