Master Classes

KPA EtherCAT Master can be delivered as a standard or customized feature package subject to customer’s demands. Two standard packages are available in accordance with ETG.1500 requirements: Class A (Standard package) and Class B (Basic package). Besides, koenig-pa offers additional type package for the most demanding customers – Premium, with several advanced features already included.

To compare the features and options included in Basic (Class B) and Standard (Class A) packages, refer to KPA EtherCAT Master Flyer.


Extensions are advanced functional options (Feature Packs in terms of ETG) that can be purchased separately and added to any Class of KPA EtherCAT Master. Currently, the following extensions are available:

WebSocket / OPC UA support

Master configuration and variables are available for external applications and services via several well-known protocols including WebSocket and OPC UA.

Operating Systems

We offer EtherCAT Master packages for the following general-purpose and real-time operating systems:

  • Windows
  • INtime
  • RTX64
  • Linux
  • Xenomai
  • QNX
  • VxWorks
  • FreeRTOS

Any other operating system can be supported upon customer’s request. In addition, we have ported KPA EtherCAT Master to Windows XP, CE6/7, OnTime RTOS-32, PikeOS, RTAI, etc. but we do not actively support these operating systems.

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