KPA EtherCAT Studio is the second generation of a user-friendly tool for EtherCAT network engineering, installation, and diagnostics. This easy-to-use, lightweight, high-performance solution for EtherCAT based masters provides a set of functions required to create and handle master configurations and monitoring the EtherCAT network. It is integrable to other design environments to establish a common development workspace with enhanced functionality. The offered functionalities of KPA EtherCAT Studio are competitive with products offered by other leading suppliers.

System compatibility

KPA EtherCAT Studio is compatible with the Windows® system. The preferred version is Windows® 10.

Slaves connected to a remote or local Master

The connection to a remote or a local Master is possible. When trying to attach to localhost, if the Master is not running, it is started automatically with default settings (host name: localhost; port number: 5000). In case of connecting to a remote Master, a host name and a port number should be specified. If either the host name or the port number is changed anytime, the connection is made automatically.

Change all data of master and slaves

The user can change the settings of Object dictionary, Process Image, Registers, Firmware (set filters, change visibility, remove unused data), resulting in an optimization of the master cycles corresponding to the data quantity on the bus.

Multilanguage User Interface

To enable a user-friendly operation, the KPA EtherCAT Studio team supports the user interface in the following languages: English, Chinese, German, Russian. On request, our team can add any other desired language.

Compatible with any EtherCAT-based master

The compatibility of EtherCAT devices from various manufacturers is a very important requirement for the end user. The successful completion of tests according to the EtherCAT specification confirms the compatibility of our products with any EtherCAT-based master.

Integrable to host application by .NET Remoting

This feature makes writing logic for automating tasks that do not require human involvement in project settings possible.

KPA EtherCAT Studio 2 advantages

KPA EtherCAT Studio 2 supports all functionality of KPA EtherCAT Studio 1 and provides a set of new features that widen the abilities of the application, makes the work with it advanced, easier, and user oriented. In version 2 we revised architecture an do our best to avoid all limitations of previous version and improve the extend Studio functionality. Full description of Studio 2 advantages.

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