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KPA Automation Data Analytics is scalable cost-effective application. It is suitable for large companies and small customers who needs just to collect a bunch of tag values and show a simple table report.
KPA Automation Data Analytics is based on a bundle of two products. It is available as an Application model and as a Library model.

KPA Automation Data Analytics

Key Features

  • Maximum profitability, productivity and availability
  • Minimum downtime and Operating cost
  • Customized unlimited reports
  • User access control and logging
  • HTML, PDF, Excel formats
  • Connect to any number of devices on OPC UA/classic & Modbus, TCP & RTU via
  • KPA Automation Server
  • Powerful and scalable software platform for industrial applications
  • Suitable for CFR21 Part 11 compliance systems

Data Analytics as an Application

Data Analytics as an Application (DAaaA) – Standalone Application developed by koenig-pa GmbH and fully ready for Production usage.

Data Analytics as an Application consists of a bundle:

  • KPA Automation View
  • KPA Automation Data Analytics Application (Project)
  • Setup component

Data Analytics as a Library Model

Data Analytics as a Library (DAaaL) – a set of controls that enable the User to integrate Data Analytics capabilities to his HMI Application (KPA Automation View based).

Delivery Package consists of the KPA Automation Data Analytics Controls and Screens Library.

Customization by adding KPA Automation View is available. KPA Automation Data Analytics Project (Data Analytics Project) is fully developed according KPA Automation Data Analytics requirements for DAaaA Model.

Data Analytics Controls and Screens may be reused at any Customer project where the Data Analytics Control Library is installed.

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