KPA Automation softPLC 2.1 released

Introducing the latest release: KPA Automation softPLC. This version comes with an assortment of new features and enhancements, all tailored to boost the performance and capabilities of your automation solutions:

  • Applied the latest releases of KPA EtherCAT Master 2.6, KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.12 and KPA Motion Control Library 1.16.
  • Allow setup runtime license via KPA Automation softPLC Studio.
    License for softPLC runtime now should be set up via SoftPLC Studio using KpaExtension. Using licensing service allows to use remote license accessible via network.
  • KPA Automation Straton Addon package for easy integration into existing straton® installation.
    Makes it possible to integrate EtherCAT functionality to an already installed straton®.
  • Function blocks added to EtherCAT blocks:
    • KPA_MEMREAD – to provide read slave register functionality from PLC code
    • KPA_MEMWRITE – to provide write slave register functionality from PLC code

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