KPA Automation Server

KPA Automation Server collects data from various controllers, aggregate it and transfer through the secure OPC UA protocol.

New Features

KPA Automation Server

Key Features

  • Unified controller gateway and data provider
  • Transfer data through secure OPC UA protocol
  • Integrate old field devices and controllers into modern IT infrastructure
  • Flexible development solution: can be integrated or used as a standalone application
  • Extendable by SDK for custom plugin creation
  • Ready for Industrie 4.0
  • Independent development workflows for HMI and PLC
  • Data source emulation for HMI debugging and troubleshooting

Development in KPA Automation Server runs separately from HMI and PLC. The workflow is divided into design time and run time. Design time is for creating and editing a configuration file. In run time the configuration file is used for building OPC UA tag tree and for connecting data sources (devices or applications), which use other access protocols, to OPC UA tag tree nodes.

Data tag tree can be either manually created in KPA Automation Server Configurator without participation of PLC or can be imported from the PLC into KPA Automation Server. Imported data tag tree is protected from any changes in the PLC.

KPA Automation Server provides aggregated data for various applications:

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