Business profile

koenig-pa GmbH is a family-owned business that develops high-tech products for industrial automation and process control.

Brief history

The company was founded in 1986. At the beginning of its activity, the company specialized in providing engineering services for installation and adjusting of technological equipment in chemical production.

In 2004, the company developed a new software platform fastCenter for creating industrial automation systems. For more than 15 years of cooperation, more than a thousand technological lines for the production of printed circuit boards of our key customer Atotech Deutschland GmbH have been equipped with multifunctional systems SCADA based on the fastCenter platform for monitoring, data acquisition and control of technological processes.

Since 2004, koenig-pa GmbH is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) — an international association of developers and manufacturers, which use EtherCAT technology. koenig-pa GmbH has become one of the leading experts in this technology and has developed a line of software products to help developers to use EtherCAT in their solutions for automation and control systems.

In 2013, considering the growing role of robotics in major industries, as well as the high demand for independent software solutions, our company expanded the software product range with KPA Motion that implement motion control functions.

In 2018, the unique system, KPA Master Redundancy (patent No. US 10,102,163 B2), for protecting automated control systems from failures was developed. In case of a failure of the “active” master, the presence of “passive” masters in the EtherCAT network configuration allows to switch control to the “passive” master immediately without waiting for the end of the cycle and without losing data.

In 2020, our company introduced KPA Automation softPLC, a multi-tasking PLC programming environment based on the straton® PLC core. KPA Automation softPLC complies with PLCopen standards, supports ST, IL, FBD, SFC, LD programming languages in accordance with IEC 61131-3 standard and can be used on both small and industrial platforms with or without an operating system.

More than 500 customers in various countries of the world and various industries successfully use koenig-pa GmbH software products, solutions and electronic devices.

The company has an extensive network of resellers selling licensed koenig-pa GmbH software in such countries as India, Italy, South Korea, USA and Japan.

The existing partner program allows customers to use koenig-pa GmbH software products in the optimal way as a part of well-proven systems and solutions from our hardware partners.

Our mission

We create innovative products and solutions for industrial automation to help our clients to develop and improve their business.

Our expertise

From the first days of our business, we strive to ensure that our products are in line with the latest trends in IT and industrial automation. For more than 30 years, we have managed to accumulate profound knowledge and experience in the following fields:

  • Development of software products for various operating systems: Windows, INtime, RTX64, Linux, Xenomai, QNX, VxWorks, FreeRTOS, ITRON and others.
  • Creation of industrial automation systems using equipment from the leading manufacturers: Beckhoff, Siemens, Nordac, Lenze, Ancosys, and others.
  • Working with various industrial buses and networks: EtherCAT, CAN, PROFIBUS, Modbus, TCP/IP, and others.
  • Use of processors, SoCs, microcontrollers, DSPs and FPGAs from industry leaders: Altera, Analog Devices, Atmel, Freescale, Intel, Texas Instruments and Xilinx.

Highly qualified specialists of koenig-pa GmbH are involved in international projects of various fields, including process automation, embedded system development, servo drive production, robotics, electronics, automotive, energy, and much more.

Quality management

Our quality management system meets ISO standards and covers all our products and services. All company processes, from a product order to technical support, are managed according to our quality management system.

Corporate ethics

Diverse ethical and professional backgrounds of our employees are reflected in our Code of Conduct with respect to the shared ethical values and principles that are imperative for our company’s success.

koenig-pa GmbH appreciates this Code, takes the initiative to implement it, is committed to train employees and distribute its values throughout the company. Moreover, we will continue to respect and reflect opinions both internally and externally to improve the efficiency of internal systems and strengthen our corporate ethics.