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KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack is a software stack designed to run on microcontrollers, CPUs or DSPs with or without any operating system. It is provided as a source code or compiled library.


  • Code written in “C”
  • Small footprint for 8- and 16 Bit- microcontrollers e.g. SAB 80x16x (Infineon), ARM 3.9 (ARM), ATmega128 (Atmel), ppc 52xx, MPC8536 (Freescale), MicroBlaze (Xilinx), Sitara (TI)
  • Depending on size of Object Dictionary and Process Image
    – ROM (flash) size >= 64kB Standard (55kB Basic)
    – RAM size >= 8kB Standard (3kB Basic)

  KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack Development Kit (184.0 KiB, 1,146 hits)

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KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack Slave Device


  • Compatible with any Beckhoff EtherCAT Slave Controllers (ESC):
    – ASIC ET 1xxx and IP-Core
  • Operating System -based or OS-less
  • IRQ-handling of hardware events
  • Polling of mailbox (Mbx) and Process Image
  • Static Object Dictionary (OD) with pointer given from application
  • Supporting Intel- and Motorola-data formats

EtherCAT functions

  • Mailbox protocols: CoE, EoE, FoE, SoE VoE
  • Distributed Clocks (DC)
  • Different scan rates

KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack Delivery Options

Extended features

  • Operating System Abstraction
    – Hardware Abstraction Layer instead of separate “defines”
    – Operating System Abstraction Layer for adaptation to operating systems
  • Runtime generation/changing of Object Dictionary (OD) using standard xml file or customer-specific OD-description data from ROM, flash memory or ECS’s EEPROM
  • Live trace of code execution for efficient debugging and diagnostics
  • Different scan rates for process image exchange
  • Virtual NIC support (optional)

Delivery Package

  • Source code license for unrestricted use *1)
  • As compiled library *2), implementation example included for Linux POSIX
  • Documentation and sample applications
  • One-year technical support and assistance in conformance testing included

*1) for product 7040 0002 only
*2) for products 7040 001, 3-8 only

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