KPA Automation is a highly customizable software platform for creating cost-effective and scalable solutions for factory automation and process control. Being exceptionally flexible and vendor-independent, this platform enables system integrators, solution providers, and automation specialists to design, implement and support industrial automation systems of any level and scale–from a lightweight PC-based software PLC to a full-fledged integrated SCADA system.

New Features in versions

Key Features

  • Hierarchical architecture with object-oriented design
  • Unlimited customization and programming possibilities
  • Advanced security and troubleshooting system
  • Integration with third-party hardware equipment and software systems and components
  • Multi-language user interface with full-featured translation system and online language switching on runtime

KPA Automation has a modular structure and includes several software components that can work separately or integrated into an industrial control and monitoring system. As KPA Automation components are vendor- and device-independent, it is possible to utilize them for controlling any equipment and visualize any production process depending on the specific customer’s requirements.