With the KPA Motion Control Library, we offer a comprehensive set of libraries and tools for precision motion control automation. Our KPA Motion Control software conforms to the PLCopen specification, providing a vendor-neutral motion control interface that can be implemented across various systems.

Key applications of the KPA Motion Control Library include:

  • Automating production lines and manufacturing processes
  • Creating position, speed, and torque control systems
  • Developing motion control functionality for computer numerical control (CNC) machines like lathes, mills, plasma/laser/waterjet cutters, and more
  • Integrating motion control into specialized equipment such as injection molding machines (IMM), wire benders, packaging lines, printers, and other industrial machine

Key features

  • 3D-axis, synchronized axis, and single-axis motion control for executing complex trajectories
  • Online generation of time-optimal trajectories for increased efficiency
  • Jerk-limited motion profiles to reduce mechanical wear, vibration, and load impacts
  • Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL) for cross-platform compatibility
  • Bus Abstraction Layer (BUSAL) for integration with diverse hardware
  • Multi-core CPU support for Intel and ARM architectures
  • Easy integration with the EtherCAT network with our comprehensive in-house KPA EtherCAT Master Stack
  • Complies with PLCopen standards as a voting member of the PLCopen Group
  • Integrates with KPA Automation softPLC for intuitive control logic programming
  • Extended capabilities due to two operating modes –
    Cyclic Synchronous Torque (CST) mode for centralized control
    Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP) mode for decentralized control
  • Motion blending for smooth transitions without intermediate stops
  • Numerous PLCopen function blocks implemented (Parts 1, 4), covering single-axis control and coordinated multi-axis control
  • Advanced transition modes between motion segments
  • Effortless software-based gearing for linking slave axes to master axes,
  • Cam profile implementation for facilitated slave axis control
  • G-code interpretation support for facilitated CNC machines programming
  • DXF file import for creating motion programs directly from the CAD-family software
  • Continuous trajectory update feature for real-time adjustments
  • Software-based axis limits configuration for enhanced safety
  • Virtual axis support for development and testing with no physical hardware
  • Belt axes with modulo positioning
  • Real-time position lag monitoring


KPA Motion Control
KPA Motion Control is delivered as an archive, which includes documentation, header files, libraries and examples.


  • Hardware independent architecture
  • Сomplex motion profiles
  • Cross-platform support via OSAL
  • Simple Integration via BUSAL
  • EtherCAT and PLCopen support for connectivity
  • Improved efficiency due to time-optimal trajectory generation and multi-core optimization
  • Dedicated support by our engineering team

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