We present the following software for industrial network automation

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KPA Automation softPLC
KPA Automation View
KPA Automation Data Analytics
KPA Automation Server

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KPA EtherCAT Master
KPA EtherCAT Studio
KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack
KPA Master Redundancy

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KPA Motion Control

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KPA Hardware

KPA Automation softPLC is a programming environment for PLC development for real-time operating systems such as Linux, Xenomai, INtime, Windows. KPA Automation softPLC complies with PLCopen requirements, has OPC UA / MQTT interfaces, and allows to:

  • Control peripheral devices via EtherCAT, CANopen, PROFINET, Modbus, and other protocols
  • Integrate with top-level software applications such as SAP, ERP, MES using OPC UA, MQTT, SQL
  • Send values to a database using SQL
  • Transfer data to cloud storage using MQTT and OPC UA
  • IoT ready

The EtherCAT product line: KPA EtherCAT Studio, KPA EtherCAT Master, KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack, KPA Master Redundancy. These products are designed to build target systems on the EtherCAT protocol with high bandwidth of 100 Mb / 1 Gb. KPA EtherCAT software and KPA Automation softPLC are cross-platform solutions that are adapted for commonly used operating systems and architectural platforms. They can be used to automate production processes in various industries.