OPC UA Publish-Subscribe

OPC UA Publish-Subscribe (Pub/Sub) is the communication mechanism for data exchange between servers that act as a Publisher and a Subscriber.

A Publisher defines Data Sets that contain variables and then publishes the data changes. The data is transferred in a binary format and is published into a network, where Subscribers can listen to it.

The number of Subscribers receiving data from the Publisher does not influence the Publisher. This makes Pub/Sub suitable for applications where location independence and scalability are required.

OPC UA File transfer

File transfer allows you to transfer files to a running target system without having to turn off the hardware and open additional ports. DXF files, CAM tables and other files can be transferred using this function.

Support of PROFINET

KPA Automation softPLC provides support of PROFINET, the standard for industrial networking in automation. PROFINET connects controllers and devices, facilitating faster, safer, and higher quality manufacturing.

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