KPA Motion Control

Mastering Smooth Moves: Exploring Jerk-Limited Motion with KPA Motion Control

In this video will be demonstrated the incredible concept of jerk-limited motion will be introduced using the KPA Motion Control Library. This advanced library has been designed to deliver unparalleled performance with its fast, smooth, and precise movements.

Powerful Torque Control Capabilities of the KPA Motion Control library

In this video will be demonstrated the capabilities of torque control by KPA Motion Control application.
Features include: Torque value control, Torque ramp value control, Maximum velocity limitation, Software position limits, Switching to Cyclic Synchronous Position mode when needed (for example, homing operation).

KPA Motion Proxy - Product Concept (Control servo drives through GUI run on non-real time OS)

This video demonstrates KPA Motion Proxy product concept which allows to control servo drives through graphical user interface run on non-real time operation system. All drive’s movements are jerk-limited and controlled in Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP) drive mode. Server application is run with cycle time - 1 ms, communication delay between client and server depends on platforms performance and load (in case of stand configuration average delay - 16 ms).

KPA EtherCAT Studio Video Tutorials

  1. Installation KPA EtherCAT Master 2.4 and KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10 for Win64.
  2. KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10 How to: Run at first time, Create Master Configuration, Add a new ESI file.
  3. KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10: Object Dictionary, Commands, Assign PDO configuration, Memory, Watchdog.
  4. KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10: FoE, EEPROM.
  5. KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10: Configure EL6751 CANopen Master, EL6751 CAN Interface Plug-in and Driver.
  6. KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10: How to work with Process Image and how to set Slave-to-Slave connection.

High rate industry Fieldbus EtherCAT

At this stand, we will demonstrate the capabilities of the target system on the industrial EtherCAT protocol.

The head unit contains: the real-time operating system INtime and the proprietary software stack KPA EtherCAT Master.

This system emulates the controlled objects peripheral devices, which send both analog and digital data with a total size of 800 bytes to the network. For example, this may consist of 300 analog and 1600 digital signals. Such ratio is typical for sufficiently large controlled objects of industrial enterprises in sectors like energy, chemical, oil refining industries, and many more.

How to protect the target system from failure? KPA Master Redundancy

At this stand, we demonstrate the functionality of our patented Master Redundancy technology, which allows you to protect the industrial network from one of the most serious problems - the failure of your control system.

The targeted system is based on the EtherCAT fieldbus and consists of the following devices:

  • Field-programmable gate array Zynq Zed Board manufactured by Xilinx with an installed FreeRTOS operating system and a proprietary KPA EtherCAT Master software stack.
  • Field-programmable gate array Sitara manufactured by Texas Instruments using an installed Linux operating system and KPA EtherCAT Master software stack.
  • Slave devices: a programmable logic controller supporting EtherCAT and Modbus TCP protocols and six I/O devices.
  • Network gateway for EtherCAT and CAN protocols manufactured by koenig-pa GmbH is included to complete the full solution.