KPA Automation 4.3 released

A new version of the platform KPA Automation 4.3.4 is released

KPA Automation 4.3.4 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • KPA Automation Data Analytics:
    • Tooltips are added for all controls on the project
    • Report templates are modified
    • Indicators for Services Connection are updated
    • Design time warnings are added in the context of tag validation
    • The list of OPC tags is stored at the service side
    • The Settings Utility application is modified. Firewall rules management for services is implemented
  • KPA Automation Studio:
    • Property Browser keeps the last state of opened properties
    • The tag information is displayed
    • The Build menu is implemented
    • The Dispatch interface is implemented, allowing a developer to manage connections with OPC UA servers
    • The Alignment toolbar is implemented with Grid/SnapToGrid
    • Implemented a prohibition to change the name property of any reference
  • KPA Automation Server:
    • Configuration Utility migrated to .NET Core 5
    • The Configuration Utility user interface is improved
    • Implemented a possibility to switch-off plugins, devices, and tags in Configuration Utility
    • The user can create a new configuration file and set it as a default configuration. When starting, KPA Automation Server and Configuration Utility load the default configuration from the INI file
    • The traces component is implemented in Configuration Utility
  • Archiver is returned

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