KPA Automation 4.3.1 released

KPA Automation logo

27 May 2021

koenig-pa GmbH released a new version of of the platform KPA Automation.

KPA Automation 4.3.1 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Added the following new features and products to configure and monitor alarm signals:
    • Alarm Library Service (ALS): manages Alarms Database.
    • ALS Configurator: allows configuring alarms.
    • A special popup control panel: shows an alarm event.
    • Alarm List and Alarm History control panel.
  • The Auto start option is available in the Config utility for KPA Automation View.
  • Custom Colors Manager is implemented to allow users to choose a color from the previously configured list.
  • The Fit to size property is added for text objects.
  • TypeLib Tree Browser is added for the UserDefined type of control panel parameters.
  • The Description property is added for control panel parameters. The Description column is added to the Bindings dialog.
  • KPA Automation Starton NC certificates are added into the OPC UA trusted folder for KPA Automation products.
  • The Type column is added to the Bindings dialog.
  • The close project dialog is removed from KPA Automation Studio.
  • The possibility to open a project from any place on the disk is added to KPA Automation Studio.
  • Second and further copy-past operations for Control Panels are fixed.
  • Import of the Structure of Control Panels during import of KPA Automation Basic Library is fixed.
  • Permissions for nested Control Panels are fixed.
  • The Showing Measurement unit is fixed for the Value indicator.

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