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koenig-pa GmbH offers the cost-effective scalable solution. KPA Automation Straton supports a wide range of operation systems, including KPA software, and expert support.

KPA Automation Straton NC

Key Features

  • Integrated KPA EtherCAT Master
  • Advanced motion control library to control number of axis according to your application
  • Member of PLCopen since 2018
  • 5 programming languages support according to IEC 61131-3 standard
  • Integrated Motion Configurator
  • OPC UA server
  • Advanced debugging and monitoring tool
  • Easy implementation of redundant systems
  • Cross-platform solution
  • Configuration, programming from a single place
  • Nested user defined function blocks (UFBD)
  • Integrated EtherCAT studio configuration and diagnostic tool

All-in-one solution

KPA Automation Straton is a totally integrated solution with built-in KPA EtherCAT Master and
KPA Motion Control Library for any platform. It allows koenig-pa GmbH to offer a full-featured solution suited to meet all requirements, from the simplest to the most complex requiring advanced functionalities as well as openness and flexibility.

Smart and simple integration

  • Hardware independence
  • Highly scalable: select only the features you need
  • Easy integration within a specific embedded application
  • Powerful visual wizards for declaring all OS/CPU conventions

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