KPA Automation 4.3 released

A new version of the KPA Automation platform is released.

KPA Automation 4.3.8 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • KPA Automation:
    • Licenses for all components can be managed effortlessly in one place in Config. Config provides a new solution for users to oversee their applied licenses and easily check all the features they have access to.
    • In Configuration Utility, the issue with reading an old format configuration file is resolved.
    • Now, it is possible to save IP settings in Alarm Library Service Configurator.
  • KPA Automation Studio:
    • Indicator states for Value Editor and Value Indicator are implemented. With this new tool, you have full control over how your value indicators respond to specific conditions. Change the color, size, or style of your indicators – all without time-consuming scripting.
    • A new set of chart-related control panels is implemented.
    • The issue with the disappearance of the Exit menu item is resolved.
    • The Search function in Script Editor now works flawlessly.
  • KPA Automation Server:
    • Communication with the OPC DA (Classic) server is established via the OPC UA wrapper. It provides seamless integration, allowing you to utilize all the features of OPC DA directly through OPC UA. KPA Automation Server Configuration Utility wraps an already configured OPC DA server and redirects existing tags to the OPC UA client.
  • KPA Automation View:
    • A periodic crash issue that occurred upon exiting the application is resolved.

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