koenig-pa GmbH joined the PLCopen

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We are pleased to announce that koenig-pa GmbH joined the world-famous PLCopen association in November 2018.
PLCopen motion standard provides a way to have application libraries that are reusable for multiple hardware platforms. Thanks to it our solutions are easy-to-integrate and compatible with software solutions of other vendors.

PLCopen creates efficiency in industrial automation by harmonizing logic, motion, safety, communication and data exchange. PLCopen specifications decrease costs through the following benefits:

  • Faster application development
  • Reduced commissioning time
  • Reduced life cycle cost
  • Operational improvements support.

One of koenig-pa GmbH products which meet the PLCopen standard is KPA Motion Control Library. It provides single- and multi-axes control which is applicable in CNC solutions in terms of PLCopen standard.

KPA Motion Control Library has undeniable advantages such as:

  • Linear and coordinated motion control
  • Position, velocity and torque control even for drives with limited controlling functions
  • Time-optimal trajectory generation on the fly within one control cycle
  • Functional blocks according to PLCOpen Part 1 and Part 4 standards
  • CiA402 and Sercos drive profiles supported, easy adaptation to any custom profile
  • Native EtherCAT support due to own-developed EtherCAT Master.

Find more information about KPA Motion Control Library.

If you are interested in our product, you can register by the following link and get the free trial KPA Motion Control Library version right now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us