KPA Motion Control 1.15 released

A new version of KPA Motion Control 1.15 is released

Improvements in this release include:

  • Samples improvement
    • Samples from package were refactored according to common template
    • Two Samples for torque control (controlling over data objects and PID regulator) were added
    • Sample for axes additional features (belt, position limits, etc.) was added
    • Sample for kit settings was added
  • API for iterating over DXF layers and curves was improved
  • Noise emulation for simulation profile was added
  • New option constraints_check_disable in settings file disables checking of global constraints on each cycle
  • Were implemented EnablePositive and EnableNegative logics for KMC_FbPower
  • Interface for custom profiles implementations was added
  • Now KPA Motion Control instead of demo mode has a trial license. This means that to touch the tool user should ask for a license. This license forbids some features and has time limitation.

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