KPA Motion Control

Mastering Smooth Moves: Exploring Jerk-Limited Motion with KPA Motion Control

In this video will be demonstrated the incredible concept of jerk-limited motion will be introduced using the KPA Motion Control Library. This advanced library has been designed to deliver unparalleled performance with its fast, smooth, and precise movements.

Powerful Torque Control Capabilities of the KPA Motion Control library

In this video will be demonstrated the capabilities of torque control by KPA Motion Control application.
Features include: Torque value control, Torque ramp value control, Maximum velocity limitation, Software position limits, Switching to Cyclic Synchronous Position mode when needed (for example, homing operation).

KPA Motion Proxy - Product Concept (Control servo drives through GUI run on non-real time OS)

This video demonstrates KPA Motion Proxy product concept which allows to control servo drives through graphical user interface run on non-real time operation system. All drive’s movements are jerk-limited and controlled in Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP) drive mode. Server application is run with cycle time - 1 ms, communication delay between client and server depends on platforms performance and load (in case of stand configuration average delay - 16 ms).