KPA Automation softPLC 1.2 released

A new version of KPA Automation softPLC 1.2.20302.0 is released

KPA Automation softPLC 1.2.20302.0 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Added the SDK functionality: now it is possible to create custom function blocks written in C/C++ and use them in softPLC. SDK includes Library Manager, which provides function block source code in the C programming language, and a sample with a custom function block.
  • A sample is added for describing different blending modes in Motion.
  • To simplify the installation of KPA Automation softPLC, Bootstrapper is implemented. This installer includes a self-extracting archive with all the components required to work with KPA Automation softPLC.
  • A new version of KPA Motion is applied (1.14).
  • A new version of KPA EtherCAT Studio is applied (2.10.19600.00).
  • Fixed bugs:
    • The F_SAVERETAIN function block does not return an error if the destination path does not exist.
    • Invalid ApplicationURI is applied to the OPC UA configuration. URI used for certificates should have the following value: urn:OpcUaCommunications:koenig-pa GmbH:kpaa1SoftPLC
    • The second start of KPA Automation softPLC with OPC UA Server failed on INtime, while another restart works fine.
    • It is not possible to connect to KPA Automation softPLC on INtime from KPA Automation softPLC Studio, if OPC UA Client was connected and now is disconnected.

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