koenig-pa GmbH joined PROFIBUS and PROFINET International

We became a member of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) organization.

PI organization is one the largest automation community in the world and responsible for PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

PROFIBUS is a standard for fieldbus communication in automation technology. Via a single bus cable, PROFIBUS links controller or control systems with decentralized field devices (sensors and actuators) on the field level and also enables consistent data exchange with higher ranking communication systems.

PROFINET is an industrial Ethernet standard. PROFINET uniquely combines the highest performance with the highest degree of openness. PROFINET satisfies a wide range of requirements, from data-intensive parameter assignment to synchronous I/O signal transmission. Communication takes place over the same cable in all applications, ranging from simple control tasks to highly demanding motion control applications.

PI organization has about 1700 members worldwide. They include all leading vendors of hardware and software for automation. PI members influence the future of PI and PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies.

The most important goals of PI:

  • the continuous development of PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies
  • protection of investment for end users
  • network implementation and maintenance supported by experts and first-hand information
  • faster and easier product development

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