Changing in koenig-pa GmbH License policy 

Taking in account our customer’s feedback about the upcoming changes in the licensing policy and their concerns about the alternative solutions we decided to shift the Licensing policy changes by September 2023. Until that time binding licenses to USB flash drives would be available.

Starting from September 2023 we plan to disable possibility to bind all new KPA licenses (including Master, Studio, softPLC and other products) to USB Flash drives. As an alternative, for “portable” licenses we will suggest using secure USB Dongle Keys provided by KPA.
The changes will not affect the already generated license keys bound to USB Flash drives, they will work as before until reactivation would be needed (e.g. in case of hardware failure or loss).
Binding new portable licenses would be possible only using KPA USB Dongle Keys.
We are now working on decreasing the cost of the Dongle keys so that the changes would not significantly affect the overall licenses cost.

We will be happy to answer any further questions and notify you when the changes would be ready to be applied.

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