Industrial Automation Show 2018 – review

Moving forward requires constant development and improvement. koenig-pa GmbH offers new dynamically developing solutions. As well our company is a participant of advanced exhibitions of industrial automation.

Not so long ago, the Industrial Automation Show (IAS) in Shanghai was successfully completed. 5th and 6th pavilions were dedicated to industrial automation. Modern equipment for the factory automation was presented on their territory: controllers, input/output systems, drives, motors, as well as robots and robotic production systems.

We supported our partner HongKe Technology Co., Ltd with pleasure at the exhibition. Our specialists showcased products and offered consultation to clients and visitors on our products.

koenig-pa GmbH presented three product lines at the exhibition:

  • EtherCAT Master software stack for integrating EtherCAT capabilities; 
  • KPA Automation platform for industrial automation projects development;
  • Our joint product with partners  the reference platform for creating a software PLC.

Possibilities for creating EtherCAT-enabled controllers based on different target platforms were demonstrated as well.

The showcased solutions included hardware products for EtherCAT, such as KPA EtherCAT 4 CAN gateway. It is the best solution for customers who wish to connect CAN-enabled devices to the EtherCAT bus.

Device and equipment manufacturers from China are increasingly interested in the EtherCAT support. The reason lies in the fact that this solution is a high-speed interface allowing you to deploy modern manufacturing execution systems with minimal development costs. Such interest is caused by the devices and equipment connection availability that are demanding for low latency response or high bandwidth.

KPA Automation platform was one of the presented products. This is a cost-effective platform for developing projects in the industrial automation field. KPA Automation is the affordable solution for building control systems independent of hardware components suppliers. It allows to use industrial computers under Windows, and to connect to EtherCAT devices “out-of-the-box”, without additional hardware or software expenses.

The reference platform co-developed by koenig-pa GmbH, COPADATA and tenAsys was very popular at the Industrial Automation Show 2018. Nowadays, customers have two options for creating an advanced software solution for complex control tasks: purchase an expensive integrated solution from leading suppliers, or working with independent suppliers. In order to get a cheaper, but at the same time an advanced solution, many customers prefer the second option, because it allows you to get fast support and more modern technologies. The joint solution of koenig-pa GmbH and partners doesn’t pose a components integration problem. The complete solution includes KPA EtherCAT Master for connecting drives using EtherCAT, KPA Motion for advanced motion control, INtime extension for Windows from tenAsys, that integrates real-time applications with the general-purpose, and STRATON software PLC from COPADATA.

We are pleased to be able to showcase our products at the new market, which is interested in cooperation and development. Because of it koenig-pa GmbH team will be happy to continue our cooperation with new customers and colleagues from China.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us