Implementation of SDK

KPA Automation softPLC SDK is the software development kit for UDFB creation.

KPA Automation softPLC SDK includes Library Manager, which provides function block source code in the C programming language, and a sample with a custom function block.

Implementation of Bootstrapper

To simplify the installation of KPA Automation softPLC, Bootstrapper is implemented. This installer includes a self-extracting archive with all the components required to work with KPA Automation softPLC.

Support of DXF format

KPA Automation softPLC provides a possibility to use a DXF file to move an axes group according to a specified path. DXF is a type of vector file and is a well-known format for 2D and 3D drawings during product design; it can be created in any DXF Editor (for instance, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, etc.).
KPA Automation softPLC includes the DXF sample that demonstrates how coordinated motion works on simulated axes.

The DXF sample result example in V-REP

Support of OPC UA Alarms & Conditions and Events

KPA Automation softPLC supports the OPC Alarms and Events specification for the transmission of alarms and events.

When variables are declared in KPA Automation softPLC Studio, it is possible to create conditions at which a user will receive notifications about changes in the state of variables.

Alarms are divided in three types (Information, Warnings, Alarms), which differ in a severity level, and they should be acknowledged and reset after the actions to resolve the alarm condition have been taken. Events are just displayed and do not require acknowledgment and confirmation.

Support of the MQTT protocol

KPA Automation softPLC provides support of MQTT, a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol designed for M2M (machine to machine) telemetry in low bandwidth environments. It allows to send and receive data from the cloud. MQTT works on top of the TCP/IP protocol.

At the core of MQTT is the MQTT broker and the MQTT client. The MQTT broker is a central server or middle ware which acts as an interface between publisher (a device that sends data to the broker) and subscriber (a device that receives data from the broker) and is used to collect the data from the publisher’s device and send it to the subscriber’s device.

KPA Automation softPLC is used as the MQTT client that both publishes and subscribes messages.

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