Pros and cons of Сloud IoT solutions

Cloud IoT solutions offer secure connection and management of IoT devices ranging from a few to millions. These solutions facilitate the ingestion of data from connected devices, enabling the construction of dynamic applications which integrate with existing big data services.

Cloud-based IoT services support companies’ data analytics, predictive maintenance and more and offer a reliable and secure solution to connected devices. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning they can turn collected data into actionable insights, enabling more effective decisions and better automation. Moreover, cloud fault tolerance ensures that critical applications continue to perform even in case of a component failure or disaster.

However, without these services, for example, in case of their closure, companies are unable to access their devices or exchange data and do not have access to the service’s API. Implementation of such services has its own limitations – companies are dependent on IT infrastructures and applications from the service provider and its partners and must ensure compliance with pre-existing IT and operational technology (OT) components.

With the closure of Cloud-based IoT services, companies should decide whether to use a new system from a different provider or whether they should migrate data to another platform. Alternatively, cloud-agnostic IoT solutions can be adopted for more vendor independence. Considering this option may offer additional benefits especially when coupled with platforms from the operational technology field.

With hundreds of existing protocols, IT systems with long life cycles, and a need for efficient data extraction, customers can rely on OT companies to provide comprehensive solutions that meet their specific needs. That’s why koenig-pa GmbH provides vendor-independent solutions, such as KPA Automation softPLC, across various existing systems. Our team has extensive experience in the field that allows us to deliver holistic solutions tailored to our customers’ unique requirements.

Industrial operations require a certain level of efficiency and flexibility, both of which can be improved with the adoption of IoT systems. When considering platforms, it is important to consider compatibility and existing architecture so that requirements are accurately met. koenig-pa GmbH simplifies implementation by seamlessly integrating and interoperating across multiple vendor solutions – allowing users to enjoy freedom and customization without restrictions.

Though changing from an existing Cloud service may seem inconvenient, it gives companies a chance to reassess their automation and digitalization needs. With automation on the rise, businesses should look towards systems that exhibit agility and adaptability over time; therefore, independence could be the way forward in achieving maximum productivity.

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