KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.12 released

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest 2.12.7813.0 version of KPA EtherCAT Studio, which comes with user-friendly features and improvements. Here are some highlights of this update:

  • To further facilitate PDOs management, we have introduced the Show only assigned PDOs checkbox. This new feature allows users to focus solely on relevant PDOs, enhancing efficiency.
  • We have implemented a new functionality that enables users set a parameter to ignore EEPROM errors by KPA EtherCAT Master 2.X, providing greater flexibility.
  • Organizing PDOs is now effortless with the addition of the Group by SM direction checkbox. This feature facilitates the organization and efficient management of PDOs, resulting in smoother workflows.
  • The latest release also includes support for importing plugin data from legacy projects to ensure compatibility and seamless data transfer.
  • Opening KPA EtherCAT Studio projects now fully support the ARRAYOFBYTE type, which is now OCTET_STRING without any loss of element dimension.
  • The summary information UI for the CANopen Master plugin has been improved, providing enhanced user experience.
  • Improvements to the display and hiding of alignment signals on the UI have also been made, offering better visibility.

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