KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.12 released

A new version of KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.12.6109.0 is released

In this release, we have made some adjustments to our license policy. On this account, if you are currently using KPA EtherCAT Studio 2, we kindly request you to obtain an updated license for the new version. Please, contact our support team for assistance in updating your license and receiving the latest release.

Additionally, we have incorporated numerous other updates in this version, which we believe you will find valuable. Some notable highlights include:

  • KPA EtherCAT Studio automatically starts Master on attach and connect. As well, added Master startup parameters editor that allows customer to adjust the startup parameters of local Master.
  • Added new option that allows to detect the local Master automatically.
  • In previous versions of KPA EhterCAT Studio Diagnosis History reading could be enabled only on Master level. Now it is allowed to turn on/off this feature for each particular slave.
  • Introduced an option to display CoE sub-index in HEX format.
  • “Follow Master state” button.
    • Introduce the Follow Master state button for Slave to restore Master state following.
    • The Acknowledge AL status error button moved closer to AL status.
    • Add the Follow Master menu item to slave’s State context menu.
  • SCI files
    • Supported SCI export from Slave context menu.
    • The user is asked about SCI file name after dropping to slaves’ library and cloning.
    • Introduced LastUpdate DateTime property to select the newest SCI during the scan.
  • Watchdog was extended by 3 states settings:
    • Override – set new values via init commands.
    • Default – don’t create init commands.
    • Disabled – Create init commands with 0 values.
  • Disabled slave modifications for ESI and ESI folder sources. Allowed to save uESI modified by user to ESI folder.
  • KPA EtherCAT Studio 2 allows to overwrite an invalid EEPROM of the slaves. This functionality can be particularly helpful in cases where the EEPROM has become corrupted or needs to be updated. By using this function, users can retrieve and modify the contents of the EEPROM, ensuring the proper functioning of the Slave.

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