KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10 released

A new version of KPA EtherCAT Studio 2.10.19600 is released

Improvements in this release include:

  • While in the previous version the sync events of the Distributed Clock (DC) depended on the master cycle, now the Sync0/Sync1 events depend on the tasks cycle time. This results in DС being supported in configurations with multiple tasks.
  • To allow the user to specify the number of times the init command is repeated in the Add Init command dialogue box, a separate field appears for data entry.
  • The usability of the remote master connection has been improved. In previous versions, the connection to the master required the user to double-click the host’s name in the Master tab or press Enter after selecting the name. The Connect button has been added to the two previous choices.
  • Improved usability and customization of the axes of movement, i.e. correction and adjustment of process and service data.
  • From now on, the user is informed about the size limitation of variables in the Motion Configurator.

  Find more information about KPA EtherCAT Studio version 2.10.19600 in the corresponding Change logs

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