KPA EtherCAT Master 2.5 released

A new version of KPA EtherCAT Master 2.5.24642 is released

This version includes the following improvements:


  • New licensing policy:
    Master 1.x and Master 2.x require separate licenses. Previously purchased licenses stay active and compatible with Master 1.x. For users that have already purchased MDK 2 and have active service contract a free of charge license 1.x to 2.x upgrade is available.
  • From now on Master 2 can work with slave’s invalid EEPROM.
  • PI variables validation:
    • Added multiple send/receive regions to slave PI according to passed ENI file.
    • Added API call for common Master 2 that helps to get information about slave’s PI variables.
    • Added API call for RPC that helps to get information about slave’s PI variables.
    • Added RPC API calls example in the sample 17_RPCSlaveValues.

Zynq Xenomai:

  • Support for Zynq Xenomai. With this new support, users can now take advantage of the features and benefits of KPA EtherCAT Master 2 while running their applications on the Zynq Xenomai platform. This opens up new possibilities for automation and control systems development.
  • Hardware Integration Package for Xilinx ZC702 Evaluation Board is also available. This powerful package takes your projects to new heights.


  • Resolved the issue with the looping of nop frame sending when ring topology connection of EtherCAT bus is used.

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