KPA Automation softPLC 1.3 released

A new version of KPA Automation softPLC 1.3.5202.0 is released

KPA Automation softPLC 1.3.5202.0 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • A new release of straton 11.0 is applied:
      • The MIN and MAX functions now accept a variable number of inputs.
      • Added the possibility to monitor status bits during On Line debugging from the Soft Scope tool.
      • Added an option not to update the version number.
      • Arrays are allowed to be with more than 64K elements.
      • API is enhanced to enumerate variables and members.
      • Provided the predefined alias __APPNAME__, which can be used in programs to replace the name of a project. This allows the user to easily display the project name in the GUI or SCADA without having to change it each time the project is renamed.
      • Enhanced build-time limits checking for On Line Change.
      • Bitfields derived from 64bit integers are provided.
      • Implemented dispatching all tasks when a target configuration is selected.
      • Provided an API to get ‘used’ numbers for configuring On Line change.
      • For a new project from GIT, added a possibility to clone and checkout a directory.
      • Now it is possible to save/select several option sets for project settings.
      • Debugged instances now are serialized when going offline/online.

    • Provided access to VSI bits from the Soft Scope tool.
    • Allowed to ungroup all variables of a group with a single command.
    • The variable editor is extended with user defined extra columns.
    • Accepted the C style comments in ST. This option makes it easier to import programs from other tools.
    • Added an option to display line and column numbers for Free Form Ladder.
    • Zooming/resizing modes are enhanced for Free Form Ladder.
    • Variable addresses now are displayed instead of offsets in the Modbus configuration tree.
    • Accepted the #define alias for a configured variable name or array index. It enables to configure readable indexes instead of 0, 1… values.
    • Added a check that the number of Datasets used does not exceed the maximum number allowed.
    • For a new project wizard, added a possibility to select a template.
    • Added new math functions: ISNAN, ISINF. They help to check the consistency of an IEEE floating point value stored in a REAL and LREAL variables.
    • New blocks are implemented in the GeneralPurpose library for pack/unpack with 16 and 32 bit integers.
  • Implementation of OPC UA Client, an OPC UA standard driver that makes it possible to retrieve real-time values from OPC UA Servers to SCADA systems. OPC UA Client supports login and password authentication and monitors real-time data and events.

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