KPA Automation softPLC 1.2 RC released

A new version of KPA Automation softPLC RC 1.2.15204.0 is released

KPA Automation softPLC 1.2.15204.0 RC includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Added support of DXF format for Motion
  • Added support of OPC UA Alarms & Conditions and Events:
    • OPC UA Alarms with manual acknowledge
    • OPC UA Events
    • Generation of the OPC UA Audit Event if alarm limits have changed
    • Message Id for OPC UA for possible localization on the OPC UA client side
  • Added support of the MQTT protocol, that allows to send and receive data from the cloud
  • Implemented an option to enable/disable historizing in OPC UA Server
  • A new function block KPA_MOVECROSSOVER is added for use in dxf movement
  • Groups in OPC UA configuration now can be nested
  • Added support for Linux x64
  • A new function block FOE_READ is added to read firmware from an EtherCAT slave at runtime
  • A new function block FOE_WRITE is added to write firmware to an EtherCAT slave at runtime

  Find more information about KPA Automation softPLC version 1.2.15204.0 in the corresponding Changelog chapter

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