High-performance KPA EtherCAT Master on LZ-200 board featuring the Xilinx ZYNQ SoC

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01 Nov. 2016

KPA EtherCAT Master is uniquely ported on LZ-200 board to meet the stringent requirements for industrial automation. The LZ-200 board features a Xilinx ZYNQ SoC with dual core ARM Cortex A9 plus FPGA fabric at its heart.  The solution provides extremely high-speed EtherCAT cycles (as low as 60 microseconds) with minimal jitter, which makes it ideal for precise device synchronization (i.e. motion control applications).  The board accommodates dual EtherCAT ports for redundant cabling and a 1GB Ethernet for TCP/IP connection to KPA EtherCAT Studio configuration and diagnostics tool.  The bundle includes the LZ-200 board and KPA Master Development Kit (MDK) for a complete EtherCAT master development solution.

  LZ-200 flyer

Hardware and Master Kit is available through Customer Portal and
by contacting Sales: sales@koenig-pa.de or sales@radictech.com

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