EtherCAT Seminar Series in France 2018

EtherCAT Seminar Series in France 2018
10. – 11 October 2018
Toulouse, Lyon (France)

koenig-pa GmbH an expert in industrial automation and supplier of software products, is co-sponsoring EtherCAT Seminar Series in France 2018. This event will help equipment manufacturers and system integrators to learn the features and benefits of EtherCAT technology – one of leading Ethernet-based industrial networks that provides great flexibility, performance and cost-effectiveness. koenig-pa is always ready to promote new promising technologies and help to educate industry specialists. Our commitment to EtherCAT evolution includes several comprehensive and cost-effective software solutions such as EtherCAT Master stack, EtherCAT Slave stack, EtherCAT PC boards, EtherCAT to CAN gateway. We are happy to help our partners and customers to successfully integrate EtherCAT support into their products and solutions.

If you are willing to explore, understand and benefit from EtherCAT technology, feel free to register at EtherCAT Seminar Series that will take place October, 10 in Toulouse and October, 11 in Lyon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us