New features in version 1.6.x (in development)

New features in version 1.6.55503

New features in version 1.6.55305

New features in version 1.6.55118

New features in version 1.6.54901

Support for RTX64 4.3

From now on Master supports RTX64 4.3 – the latest version of RTX64.

KPA Sentinel dongle for Linux-based OS

From now on Master licensing can be bound to Sentinel dongle on Linux-based OS (Linux Rt-Preempt).

Support for RTX64 4.2

From now on Master supports RTX64 4.2 – the latest version of RTX64.

Support for QNX 7.1

Implementation of support for QNX® SDP 7.1 – the latest version of QNX.

Restriction of background frames size

A possibility to limit a maximal size of background frames has been added.

Background frames are all non cyclic frames. In some cases when bus load is near 100%, sending background frames can exceed the Cycle time.

Using the bus load restrictions allows to guarantee sending frames during one cycle.

Support for VxWorks SDK

Implementation of support for VxWorks SDK

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