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fastCenter is a development platform for customer specific automation solutions ranging from low-end SoftPLC solutions up to the full-scale integrated Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

fastCenter offers a common development workspace for all tasks concerning creation and deployment of an automation solution regardless of how complex the solution is. Development environment supports:

  • IEC 61131-3 languages for PLC programming
  • JavaScript / ST Script languages for creation of visualization objects and server’s logic programming

Development environment, called fastStudio, incorporates libraries to provide functional units ranging from PLC programs for device control up to visualization control panels, editors for configuring project components, and compilers to generate the output.

fastCenter based automation solutions ensure the following possibilities:

  • Hierarchical architecture with object-oriented design
  • Hierarchical user access and permissions system
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance with advanced reports, alarm system and events log
  • Report system with relevant historical data acquisition, storing and retrieving
  • Multilanguage support including major European and Asian languages

Application areas

fastCenter is aimed to create customer specific solutions for monitoring, visualization, management and control of complex production processes (batch production of articles according to sophisticated technological process) with:

  • Process based Physical model and Batch control (acc. to ANSI/ISA-88 (S88))
  • Alarms & Events system
  • Project specific visualization.
  • Multilanguage support.

fastCenter SCADA systems are in operation worldwide in many hundreds of machines installed at customers like AT&S, Ibiden, Intel, LG, Samsung, Würth and many others.

fastCenter Components

fastCenter has a modular structure to ensure distribution of tasks among its components, correct and clear interaction of all parts, scalability of the whole system and each separate module, and a possibility to share development workspace among several participants.

The following components must be emphasized:

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fastPLC is run-time environment for PLC and Fieldbus Processors to execute PLC program and provide fieldbus configuration for Master device(-s). The program and configuration are created, configured and compiled in fastStudio using PLC and Fieldbus libraries respectively.



  • Programming according to IEC 61131-3 standard and standard languages:
    • ST – Structured Text
    • SFC – Sequential Function Chart
  • LLVM based compiler (x86, x64)
  • Communication with equipment via EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, CAN, Ethernet (TCP/UDP), Modbus TCP, Serial port
  • Embedded OPC UA Server with PLCopen OPC UA Information Model (TCP/IP)
  • Classic OPC DA Server (DCOM-based)
  • Multiple PLCs function for Distributed Control System
  • Easy connection to 3rd party PLCs (Step 5/7, Allen-Bradley, etc.)

Target platforms

  • Windows 7 or 10 (x86 and x64)
  • [Linuх (x86, x64, ARM)]
  • [INtime ® (x86, x64)]
  • [RTX (x86, x64)]

PLC Processor

PLC Processor performs download and execution of a program compiled in design environment. At program design stage PLC logic is created out of PLC library using IEC 61131-3 languages, retains are configured and links to Fieldbus configuration are established. Such approach makes the PLC part scalable exactly to the size required by the application.

Fieldbus Processor

Fieldbus Processor receives the configuration from development environment, uploads the configuration to relevant Master devices and ensures interaction between the network and PLC by providing an interface in the form of signals.

Fieldbus configuration is a compiled unified structure, where configurations of each separate fieldbuses and/or networks of different types are arranged in a single unit allowing integration into one common system.

Presently the following protocols are supported:

  • EtherCAT
  • CAN
  • Ethernet
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fastView – Human Machine Interface provides a general overview of the entire process or machine and highlights the most critical areas and aspects. Using smart symbols for controlled objects fastView enables quick access to the relevant functions (switch on/off, enable/disable) and data (production data, reports, etc.).



  • Detailed process displaying and immediate access
  • Highly customizable enhanced visualization with extendable library to create any kind of HMI, even for very sophisticated processes
  • OPC DA and A&E client
  • Multiple thin and thick clients
  • Multiple languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, French, Spanish, etc.)
  • User access control
  • Auto-adjustment to any screen resolution
  • User actions logging

Design time

Design of process visualization is made in fastStudio, which has a powerful visualization editor.

Primitive objects for visualization elements are vector graphic based, bitmaps can be used through import.

Script engine is based on IEC 61131-3 Structured Text (ST Script) and JavaScript.

Visualization elements are stored in Visualization Library. The elements are reusable and can be instantiated. Parameterization of instances is performed in Property Browser.

Wizards for binding of visualization elements to Equipment Configuration facilitate connection of graphical elements to controlled objects.

Run time

Visualization process includes the following features:

  • Access to all relevant controls
  • Immediate displaying of alarms and events using standard or custom reactions
  • Animated objects and possibilities of online debugging

Different visualizations can be used for different types of HMI within one project.

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fastProject is responsible for data exchange between the control layer (fastPLC) and the visualization (fastView) via Equipment Configuration, Batch control, collecting process relevant data and report generation.

fastProject enables communication of SCADA with information systems (MES, ERP, QMS) for deep vertical integration into company information network.



  • Data exchange between the control layer (fastPLC) and the visualization (fastView) via Equipment Configuration
  • Classic OPC DA, A&E and HDA Server (DCOM-based)
  • External communication protocols for integration with Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or customer specific Factory Information Systems:
    • SECS / GEM
    • XML
    • OPC
    • Custom TCP/IP-based protocols


  • Production tracking with material consumption calculation and reporting
  • Batch control according to ANSI/ISA-88 (S88)
  • Process programs management
  • Hierarchical alarm analysis
  • Historical data, tool availability, MTBF statistics and maintenance schedules
  • Historical data acquisition and reporting system
  • Thin and thick clients support
  • Remote access
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fastStudio – complete integrated development environment for creating an application from low-end control device up to SCADA system.


  • Object-oriented approach to all components
  • Scalable and customizable system
  • Scintilla-based code editors
  • Code auto-completes
  • Embedded helper objects
  • Vector graphic editor
  • Support of both ST and JavaScript for server and client sides development
  • Ready-to-use libraries with convenient libraries management
  • Convenient updates and modifications management

Libraries and editors



fastStudio offers a complete set of libraries and editors required to create, deploy and troubleshoot an automation solution, including:

  • PLC Libraries and Editor – full-fledged design environment with built-in PLC Library and online PLC debugger.
    The following PLC libraries are available:

    • Standard – standard functions and types declared in IEC 61131-3 and extended (fastCenter specific) functions and types
    • Network – functions and types to enable the asynchronous network communication (based on IEC 61131-5)
    • Fieldbus – functions and types to manipulate with Fieldbus signals (can be used for implementation of advanced device diagnostic)
    • Modbus – functions and types for Modbus TCP protocol
    • EtherCAT – functions for mailbox communication CoE (CAN over EtherCAT)
    • [Motion] – KPA Motion Control Library
  • Fieldbus Library and Editor – design environment for Fieldbus and other equipment communication protocols
  • EtherCAT configurator – a powerful configuration tool based on KPA SDF (KPA Studio Development Framework)
  • Device Library – counterparts of electrical and mechanical engineering components required for creation of physical model
  • Equipment Configurator – design environment for creation of a physical model, including wizards and import/export functionality
  • AE Conditions Library – library of Alarms and Events conditions with built-in editor
  • AE Messages Library – library of Alarms and Events Messages, which are used for A&E Conditions. The Messages are translatable
  • Visualization Library – library of visualization elements and visualization workshop
  • Reports Editor – an editor to create or customize reports, that can be generated from collected historical data
  • Dictionary Editor – a tool to enable multi-language function for HMI

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