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November 22, 2018

KPA Automation 3.21 released

koenig-pa GmbH released a new version of its cost-effective software platform for creating scalable solutions for factory automation and process control. Improvements in this release include:
January 24, 2018

KPA EtherCAT Master Integrated Into EtherCAT PLC Reference Platform

31 Aug. 2012 koenig-pa GmbH has joined its efforts with the partners to deliver complete PLC Reference Platform with integrated support for EtherCAT high-performance industrial network. The new […]
January 24, 2018

KPA EtherCAT Master was integrated to straton PLC

November 22, 2017

KPA EtherCAT Master 1.6 released

21 Nov. 2017 koenig-pa GmbH, a leading supplier of industrial automation solutions and software tools for EtherCAT fieldbus developers, is announcing the release of a new […]